Buena Vista (2002)
Drama, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Action
In Collection
95 mins

Jeremy Northam Morgan Sullivan
Lucy Liu Rita Foster
Nigel Bennett Finster
Timothy Webber Callaway
David Hewlett Virgil C. Dunn
Kari Matchett Diane
Kristina Nicoll Amy
Arnold Pinnock Pilot In Mensroom

Director Vincenzo Natali
Producer Hunt Lowry
Casey La Scala
Writer Brian King
Cinematography Derek Rogers
Musician Michael Andrews

Morgan Sullivan (Jeremy Northam) is a bored accountant who dreams of more excitement in his career. He seizes the opportunity to become a corporate spy for Digicorp. His task is to gather as much information and proposed business plans from his company’s rivals. During one of his missions after a trade convention he meets Rita (Lucy Liu) who works for his company’s competitor Sunways. Rita convinces Morgan that working for Digicorp may not be in his best interests and persuades him to work for her company as a double agent. Morgan reluctantly agrees but it is not a long before his high pressure role becomes too much for him and he fears for his sanity. He is offered help by Rita’s boss but only if he agrees to one last mission.

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Barcode 5708758651608
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1