Le Pacte Des Loups
MSI Music (2001)
Adventure, Horror, Action
In Collection
142 mins

Monica Bellucci Sylvia
Vincent Cassel Jean-François de Morangias
Mark Dacascos Mani
Jacques Perrin Thomas d'Apcher
Edith Scob Geneviève de Morangias
Jean Yanne Le Comte de Morangias
Johan Leysen Beauterne
Samuel Le Bihan Grégoire de Fronsac
Bernard Farcy Laffont
Émilie Dequenne Marianne de Morangias
Hans Meyer Marquis d'Apcher
Jérémie Renier Thomas d'Apcher
Virginie Darmon La Bavarde
Jean-François Stévenin Henri Sardis
Philippe Nahon Jean Chastel

Director Christophe Gans
Producer Richard Grandpierre
Samuel Hadida
Writer Christophe Gans
Stéphane Cabel
Cinematography Dan Laustsen
Musician Joseph LoDuca

Who or what is murdering peasants in rural France in the 1600s? A member of the court, returned from the Americas with an Indian companion, is sent by the King to investigate. He leaves the bright, enlightened, royal court, and enters a dark, gritty world of mystery, superstition, fear, lies, and conspiracy. As grizzly and seemingly senseless as are the murders, tragic is the tale of the handsome, young, galant local nobleman returned from Africa minus an arm. But the story becomes even stranger, as the protagonist enlists the aid of a beautiful local madame with whom he has mysterious connection. Many plot twists ensure continued interest. There is incredible action photogrphy rivaling Matrix and Crouching Tiger. And, an ending that is both satisfying and that reveals even deeper mysteries tied to that time of increasing knowledge and religious conflict.

Edition Details
Audience Rating Från 15 år
Country France
Language French
Barcode 5708758643931
Region Region 2
Release Date 2001
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Theatrical Widescreen (2.35:1)
Subtitles Swedish; Finnish; Norwegian; Danish
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Disks/Tapes 1